Identifikasi Waste Produksi Jersey Melalui Penerapan Lean Manufacturing Dengan Menggunakan Value Stream Mapping (VSM) (Studi Kasus SSCO Sport Apparel Ciamis)


  • Fathliana Retno Ningrum Fathliana Retno Ningrum Fathliana Retno Ningrum


— SSCO Sport Apparel Ciamis is a IKM engaged in the convection of sportswear. In the Jersey production process at SSCO, there is waste which is marked by the presence of defective finished products and many other waste categories. In order to minimize these wastes, smooth production is one of the solutions companies can do so that jersey demand is completed on time so productivity increases.

In this study using the concept of Lean manufacturing with the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) method. Waste identification process is carried out using the Process Activity Mapping (PAM) method. Waste that has been identified is classified according to the seven waste category. Then it is ranked by the Waste Assessment Model (WAM) method.

The final result of WAM was chosen as the 1 highest ranking waste, which is 21.09% waste defect, which was selected for root cause analysis using the Ishikawa Diagram. Based on the root causes of waste, proposed improvements (a) Perform overall supervision of the operator and provide training to operators. (b) Making preventive maintenance of production, by making maintenance cards. (c) Implement a material inspection process by disseminating material inspection methods to the material QC and making a material inspection check sheet. (d) Making SOPs clearly written at each stage of the production process. (e) Storing bins in each part of the process. After being given a proposal, Future State Value Stream Mapping predictions can be drawn.


Keywords— Value Stream Mapping; Process Activity Mapping; Waste Assessment Model; Diagram Ishikawa.

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