Aims & Scope

Interdisciplinary International Journal of Conservation and Culture (IIJCC) welcome contributions in such areas of current analysis in three big classifies issues: Culture-Conservation of Applied Science and Health, Culture-Conservation of Social Science and Humanity, Culture-Conservation of Business and Entrepreneurship.

The scope of Conservation-Culture of Applied Science and Health topics includes:
- Farming based on local wisdom
- The concept of technology based on culture and local wisdom
- Development of Transcultural Nursing
- Development of culture-based midwifery services
- Conservation of natural resources
- The concept of supporting technology for handling conservation
- Environmentally sustainable nursing and midwifery services

The Scope of Conservation-Culture of Social Science and Humanity Topics includes:
- Local cultural character education
- Conservation-based education
- Cultural revitalization
- Conservation and disaster mitigation strategies and policies

The Conservation-Culture of Business and Entrepreneurship Topic Scope includes:
- Economy based on local wisdom and human resources
- Natural resource conservation management
- Entrepreneurs by utilizing local wisdom culture