The Interdisciplinary International Journal of  Conservation-Culture accepts research article, article review, conceptual article, and book review.

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Research Articles
Research articles are original research contributions from empirical data and findings. This article provides background to state the problem, aims, and novelty. Support for previous relevant theories is presented systematically as a research framework. The research design is described and supported by data collection and analysis techniques. The research results explain the research findings and explore them in the discussion section. The conclusion addresses the purpose of the research and explains the importance of the results for advancing knowledge.

Article Reviews
Articles review are contributions from reviews of existing works. This article can discuss the essential substance of research, evaluate progress in a particular field, or critically assess issues related to the purpose and scope of this journal.

Conceptual Article
Conceptual articles are a contribution to a theory development on a problem that is supported by relevant study sources.

Book Review
Book reviews are contributions by providing responses, interpretations, scientific assessments of the contents of a book.